Celtic Art Therapy Hypothesis

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Tracing the bends and curls of the Celtic knots created by artist Anne Ravensdaughter engages both hemispheres of the brain while working across the central cortex. This action calms the corpus callosum and centers processing in the medial frontal cortex.

The effect is a light self-hypnosis as the brain moves from “fight or flight” into “mindfulness”. This shift in consciousness occurs within moments of tracing, and lasts until several moments after tracing. The shift is effortless, requiring no special focus to achieve. Simply trace and the brain will create the cognitive shift.

Agitated behavioral states where the brain cannot decompress from the “fight or flight” impulse are aided by using a Celtic Art Therapy Plate. Among these states are panic, anxiety, anger, PTSD and OCD.

Neurological conditions involving erratic processing, such as Autism, ADD and ADHD, benefit from using a Celtic Art Therapy Plate as a tool which helps calm cognition and settle the brain into a more balanced state.

PLEASE NOTE – Celtic Art Therapy is still in Proof of Concept. The statements made above are based on 4 years of anecdotal observation and the input of various neurological and behavioral health professionals.

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