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Welcome To Celtic Art Therapy

Celtic Art Therapy was created by the Celtic artist, Anne Ravensdaughter (Erin Hunt Rado). Anne specializes in a newer form of Celtic art that, while based on classic Celtic art, focuses on the overall pathway of the intertwining knot. Using this method of construction, Anne began to integrate her modern perspective into traditional Celtic knot work to create art pieces that both honor and advance the Celtic tradition.

Anne discovered that tracing the path of her Celtic knots focused the mind in a relaxing way, and she began to sell “relaxation plates” in 2009. In 2010 and 2011, based on feedback from parents, educators and clinicians, Anne renamed the product “Celtic Meditation Plates”, and began to explore the therapeutic value of her art.

In 2012, Anne renamed the product once again, calling her creations “Celtic Art Therapy Plates”. With two years of observations from renaissance festivals, Scottish games and art & wine festivals, Anne has seen consistent responses to Celtic Art Therapy when dealing with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and other conditions such as MS, stroke recovery and brain surgery recovery.

Anne now looks forward to introducing her product to the world market in the hopes that her art may provide a useful, non-drug tool to help cope with a range of neurological irregularities and deficiencies.

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