Celtic Art Therapy & EMDR

Celtic Art Therapy and EMDR

Of the many modalities that have embraced Celtic Art Therapy, EMDR therapists seem to be some of the enthusiastic.

In my own way, I believe this is partly because – just as with EMDR – Celtic Art Therapy was a “stumble upon” discovery. I began tracing my own work as an artist, then created meditation plates, then saw a number of behavioral conditions respond to my work.

More clinically, however, Celtic Art Therapy deals with bilateral stimulation, which is an essential component of EMDR. It is perhaps for this reason that Celtic Art Therapy has been so warmly accepted at 3 EMDR annual conferences.

Now I have Dr. Cathryn Harris to thank for providing protocols to use Celtic Art Therapy with formal EMDR research.

I invite all to view Dr. Harris’ comments on Celtic Art Therapy.
I also invite all to download Dr. Harris’ EMDR Protocols, and use them in study research.

Thank you to the EMDR community, and I hope to have a Celtic Art Therapy design created specifically for EMDR available in early 2015.

Anne Ravensdaughter
(Erin Rado)
Creator, Celtic Art Therapy

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