From The Artist

When I began to create Celtic art, my goal was to not only differentiate my style from that of traditional Celtic art but also to differentiate it from the work of other modern Celtic artists. Both use intertwining knots as borders of, or as inserts to, a master Celtic pattern. Both also use intertwining knots to create the base for zoomorphic (animal) or anthropomorphic (human) patterns. Overall, though, the intertwining knots are used more as accents, not as the primary subject.

I wished my style to be solely about the intertwining knot. I wished the line of the knot to be the dominant piece of the Celtic design, and in some cases form the matter pattern. To that end I have created pieces that either feature simple shapes set within complex knots, or pieces that create shapes composed from the knot itself.

This focus on the intertwining knot has allowed me to create Celtic art that, when traced, focuses the mind in a therapeutic manner. The complexity and flow of my Celtic knots capture the attention more thoroughly than that of traditional and other modern Celtic art, and my knots’ closed loops allow my designs to be traced without end.

Anne Ravensdaughter (Erin Rado)