What Is Celtic Art Therapy

Celtic Art Therapy is a visual-tactile isolation tool that quickly and easily moves the brain into a state of mindfulness. The concept is simple, use a stylus to trace a Ravensdaughter Celtic knot design – first with the dominant hand and then with the non-dominant hand.

Tracing engages both hemispheres of the brain by working across the central cortex. This calms the corpus callosum and centers processing in the medial frontal cortex to create a mindful shift in consciousness.

The mindful shift occurs within moments of tracing, and can last for some time after tracing is concluded. The shift is effortless, requiring no special focus to achieve. Simply trace the path of the Ravensdaughter Celtic knots and the brain will create the cognitive shift.

The mindful state created by tracing a Celtic Art Therapy design has shown results helping to manage and decompress agitated and erratic brain states; including,

  • Autism
  • Anxiety & PTSD
  • Anger Management

The mindful state created by tracing a Celtic Art Therapy design can produce a physically relaxing body state that has shown results with conditions; including

  • Multiple Sclerosis and Tremor Disorders
  • Some Vertigos
  • Tension Headaches and Some Migraines
  • Pain Management

Finally, the act of tracing with the dominant and then the non-dominant hand promotes neuroplasticity, and can possibly have a rehabilitation benefit for conditions including;

  • Stroke Recovery
  • Brain Trauma and Surgical Recovery
  • Alzheimer’s Prevention