Celtic Art Therapy Response from Dr. Cathryn Harris to the Amen Clinics

From: Cathryn Harris, PhD

To: Chris Walthall
Amen Clinics

RE: Recommending Celtic Art Therapy


I am an Amen affiliate, and Christine Barker knows me fairly well. I have attended the three day training course with Dr. Amen and numerous other seminars as well, and refer to your clinic as often as I can. I use Dr. Amen’s approach very heavily in my outpatient psychology practice.

Regarding Celtic Art Therapy, I wanted to let you know that I am familiar with Erin Rado’s work and have used her Celtic Art Therapy patterns with EMDR quite successfully with some clients. I would like to extend a professional recommendation to consider the therapeutic implications of her approach.

While Erin is not a licensed therapist, she has impressed me as a very educated, intelligent, and creative lay person who has made some good observations that clinicians can benefit from. I have a video of her training my MFCC interns at the non-profit agency I do supervision for.

I have promised Erin to work on a research protocol to validate and replicate the clinical results that many have been getting in the use of Celtic Art Therapy, at least from an EMDR perspective. I have a theory that for some clients, the Celtic Art Therapy helps to particularly stimulate the cerebellum bilaterally because of the nature of the task, but of course I can’t validate that or any other theory regarding its effect on brain activity directly without a SPECT or fMRI.

I have one client who had their SPECT done at the Newport clinic and showed a “cold” cerebellum amongst other things. I was having difficulty helping him achieve any state of calm through the usual stimulation methods of EMDR. However, he responded very well to the Celtic Art Therapy! This suggests an interesting possible correlation between SPECT results and the choice of the most efficacious treatment methods in EMDR.

My one-case hypotheses aside, I think Celtic Art Therapy would be a very helpful adjunctive tool for the clinicians at the Amen Clinic and may make an interesting SPECT research project as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you or any other clinicians have any other questions regarding the clinical use of this product.


Cathryn Harris, Ph.D.
Inland Psychological Prof. Corp.

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