Celtic Art Therapy General Responses

Below are some general responses to previous posts on Celtic Art Therapy. To comment on any of these entries, please send an email to celticarttherapy@verizon.net.

13 Responses to Celtic Art Therapy General Responses

  1. Madameileen says:

    I want to try this for my family.

  2. Lisa Shields says:

    I just was at your booth at the Renaisance Festival today. I am very interested in participating in your clinical trial

  3. I met you at the resaisance festival a couple of weeks ago. I am also very interested in participating in the clinical trials.

  4. John Ravenmoon says:

    Dear Anne,

    As a shamanic practitioner, I am greatly interested in the meditative aspects of your work and would like to be considered for the clinical trials should space still be available. Please see a separate email for more information.

    Many thanks,


  5. Diane Bajus says:

    I would also love to participate in the clinical trial. See previous comments.

  6. Trisha Rich says:

    Hello, I spoke to you at the Ren Fair last weekend and I am interested being a distributor. You said I may be able to help you at the Scott fest Sat of Memorial day Weekend and would love to get more details please contact me! Thanks

  7. Neomi Romero says:

    I used them today for the very first time and was impressed. I am a special educator and I am interested in using them in the classroom. My school site is K-8, and I am exposed to different kinds of disabilities, A.D.H.D., anger management, Anxiety, and so on.
    I would love to purchase for my own use. I hope to hear for you soon. By the way, I tried all the website links and it just leads me to gmail sign in?
    Neomi Romero
    Education Specialist

  8. Kaye Ragland says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you on Sunday. I look forward to using the materials with both students with special needs in charter and private school settings, as well as in my private practice.

  9. Xena says:

    I am a Special Education Teacher. I met your group at the Rennaissance Fair. I began trying the art, but the school year ended before I could do any meaningful testing measurements. I am planning to begain again and conduct testing when school starts.

    • Admin says:

      Please let me know how I may support your work with Celtic Art Therapy. Thank you so much for taking an interest in this system.
      Erin Rado
      Anne Ravensdaughter

  10. Erika Sueker says:

    I am a cognitive science researcher and I would like to conduct research studies on the Celtic Art Therapy plates, so that you can site scientific findings to verify your excellent observations. I purchased a plate at the Renaissance Fair last year and have been using it with private music students. I work with special ed teachers I intend to submit one or more proposals to you for research studies here in the Denver Metro area, and discuss with you the direction. I’m a big fan of these tools and would love to pick apart the effect.

  11. BoyerBoyd says:

    Hello we met in the Tucson area fair. I have collected data of pre project receptive listening skills by time laspe initiation and verbal restatement of multi step directions.
    10 days. Second phase of introducing the knots for one week then another 10 days of the time laspe task initiation and verbal restatement of multstep directions will be antecdotal.

    • Thank you so much for working with Celtic Art Therapy.

      When your work is finished, I will create a blog for you to post the results.

      Other speech pathologists have had success using Celtic Art Therapy with their patients. I hope you will as well.

      My best regards,

      Erin Rado
      Creator – Celtic Art Therapy

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