Celtic Art Therapy and Speech Pathology from Cynthia Brownell, MA, CCC-SLP

Celtic Art Therapy Response from Cynthia Brownell, MA, CCC-SLP

Posted by Ravensdaughter – Erin Rado, Creator of Celtic Art Therapy

At a little event in La Verne, CA, I met Cynthia Brownell, MA, CCC-SLP
DHH Communication Skills
James Madison High School
San Diego City Schools

She took three of my Celtic Art Therapy designs home, and here is her first email to me regarding CAT and speech pathology.

Hi…I met you on Saturday at Medieval Marketplace. I used the Blue Celtic Curls today with a hearing impaired Freshman with Autism. She’s oral, and at first her speech was very choppy. Despite speaking about a topic that wasn’t of her choosing, she became more fluent as she traced the pattern. She improved even more as she traced with her off hand. It was pretty cool!

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