Celtic Art Therapy Response from Aubrey Bunch, MFT

Hello Celtic Art Therapy,

I purchased 2 Celtic wheels from your booth at a southern California Renaissance Faire in 2012.

Since then I have been using these wheels in my practice as a MFT working with young children and teens with a variety of mental health diagnosis’. I have had repeated success using these with children who struggle at school to effectively manage their ADHD symptoms while in the classroom.

All of the children who were given a wheel to use were able to stay more focused and behave more calmy. In addition I have used one of the Celtic wheels with highly anxious children who find it soothing to use at night before bed or when becoming flooded by anxious thoughts and feelings. Both circumstances have produced wonderful results!

I have passed on this tool to my colleagues and strongly believe in this medium.

Thank you,
Aubrey Bunch

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