Celtic Art Therapy and Associated Conditioning

This February I showed Celtic Art Therapy at the Serene Connections Evolution of Addiction Treatment conference in Los Angeles. As is often the case, Celtic Art Therapy was very well received, and three treatment facilities made bulk purchases for their group therapy sessions.

It was at this conference that I started focusing on using Celtic Art Therapy as a conditioning focus for associated behavioral modification. I’ve suggested this technique for schools with stress test takers, but I began to encourage the therapists to have their patients trace the CAT plates while working them through addiction management techniques. Then, when a patient experiences the triggers that lead to the addictive behavior, they could stop and visually picture the Celtic Art Therapy designs. Hopefully the associated addiction management techniques will come to mind and allow the patient to change their behavior.

I believe that this use for Celtic Art Therapy can be effective with a number of conditions, including anxiety, anger and PTSD management.  Please blog your thoughts.

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